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Thread: Anyone help a Freak?

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    Anyone help a Freak?

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    Greetings fellas

    new here

    great site

    couple of questions if anybody can help me

    sys specs

    Cubase 32
    XP 1800
    512 DDR
    7200 HD
    POD pro line -6
    Korg key
    Gina ( old 20 bit sound card w/ outbox)

    Okay recording levels

    on each track on the master panel is a db reading, one on top and one below each channel between the fader

    I am able to set the value of the db on the bottom of the fader for each channel, should this value always be at 0? if not at what value?

    Heres something odd, i can run my zoom through channel 1 & 2 pick a prgram beat, then i pull up the Gina controls and adjust the input levels and it differs to the input levels to cubase?, if the gina is set to 0 the input level to Cubase in channel 1 = -5 and channel 2 (stereo) is set at -4, should the Gina input db and the cubase input db be the same? or does it matter? or is this because the Gina is a 20 bit?

    what is the best recording level i should record at? -5?

    should i leave the bottom db value to 0?

    One more, should all instrument be recorded at the same level? or is it better to set some recording levels on certain instruments different during recording then go back and adjust the volume for each channel as desired

    can anyone help a Freak?


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    I'm not a Cubase expert, but I'll take a shot at it to help a fellow freak (and also a fellow Strat lover and Zoom 234 user)

    It shouldn't matter what Gina says (for the most part), if you're recording into Cubase, get your levels at close to 0 as possible without going over (just like the Price is Right) for all of your tracks, and adjust your levels in Cubase. You want as much signal as you can possibly get for everything you record. Make SURE you don't go over though. If you do, you'll "digitally clip" your signal, and that's not pretty.

    I'm guessing that the Gina being at level 0 is like a gain control in case you've got a weak signal. I'd leave it at 0 unless you need to bring it up to get your input level (in Cubase) to 0.

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    I would suggest posting this in the Cubase forum

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