I have one hooked up to my HD24.

Currently I have 3 ADAT cards installed so I can easily monitor 24 tracks via light pipe.
So .... in other words right now its basically functioning as a monitor mixer.

I have also got an ADDA card and I want to set up a buss compression/coloring scheme a la the Michael Brauer method (the cheap version ).

I am not sure of the routing though.

I believe I can assign the ADDA to the 8 bussses and use insert chains but then I would lose the return level tweaking via faders.

But on the other hand I'm not sure how to assign the returns and where to rout them .... or even if I can in a 24 track mix.

BTW the manual is not all that helpful.
I have posted the question to the DA-7 user group but have yet to get any response.