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Thread: Maya - Nepali Alternative Rock Song

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    Maya - Nepali Alternative Rock Song

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    Hi there,

    Hope everyone is doing well and staying safe out there. This is my original rock composition titled "Maya" (it's an alternative rock song with lyrics in Nepali language) I did record this song in a professional recording studio here in Kathmandu (Nepal) about an year ago, but the studio engineer didn't do a great job mixing it (there was absolutely no clarity in the vocals and the overall mix was very muddy) and because of that, I had to request the individual tracks from him in order to try mixing it myself. There were two songs that I had recorded during this time. The first song, I completed the mix and even uploaded the track on YouTube along with a lyric video! You can check out that track here: Prawol Bhattarai - "Prashna" - Nepali Rock (Lyric Video) - YouTube

    The second track "Maya"(which I'm posting a google drive link below) I could not complete a decent mix despite spending a LOT of time on it. I basically failed to get the warmth and energy that I was hoping to achieve. Also, the vocals ended up sounding very bright with lots of noticeable sibilants. I was hoping if someone here could do a decent mix of this track. The most challenging part about mixing this track is that all the electric guitar parts are clean DIs (hence you'll have to apply your own amp/cab sims to the tracks after the fact to shape the sound). For some odd reason, the studio engineer gave me the clean DIs...But, on the positive side, you have full flexibility with regards to how you want to shape the sound/tones in order to give it your unique touch. Also, please feel free to add your own instrumentation to it as well and/or remove some of my instrumentation, whatever you may see fit! By the way, I have the lyric video ready for this track as well and I will upload your mix (of course the mix that I like the most) on YouTube and credit you on the very top of the description section as the Mixing/Mastering Engineer Below is the google drive link for the folder with the tracks. It also contains a rough mix that I did (But please ignore this mix as it is only there to serve as a guide)! Thanks in advance!

    Maya Tracks – Google Drive

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    Hi there!
    Here's a try!

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    Hi Endlessrain, am I still in time to try? Thank you for giving us this opportunity!

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