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Thread: working with new plug-ins (test audio)

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    working with new plug-ins (test audio)

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    I'm working on my mastering techniques and such, and while I've got a pretty in-expensive setup (C02 Condesner Mic, Zoom R16, in a large carpeted room with air conditioner running, outdoor sounds etc) , I'm trying to get the best possible sound after tweaking the recording. I just wanted to get some input, because I'm learning to use a spectrum analyzer to figure out where to tweak the EQ, etc.

    I'm not a techie kind of person...yet LOL, so alot of this was trial and error, but I think I've got a decent sound here form my classical Ibanez Koa.

    I used some noise reduction and the Wave Arts plugin "The Works" as well as using a 20 band EQ. Lowered all frequencies below 40Hz and messed with the 100-400 range in the EQ because that seemed heavy. Added some Reverb and compressed using a Tube compressor simulator. Mic was placed at the 12th fret pointing in towards the sound hole, I was only a couple inches from the fret board I think, I don't quite is usually behind the bridge, but I wanted to try something new.

    Any feedback would be appreciated! Thanks!!

    The original file (straight from the Zoom R16 Mixer, no processing):

    The final file:

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    Hey Joe!

    Just a heads up--I think you're talking more about mixing here, and this section of the board is specifically about mastering (the post-mixing finalization of a recording).

    And most of the folks in the mood for listening and evaluating a track--whether it's a completed song, or just a sound test--can be found hanging out in the MP3 clinic. So you might do better if you post this there.


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    Okay, I thought I was talking more about mastering since I didn't really "mix" anything. It was one mic, one guitar.

    I'll post over there though, thanks for the heads up!

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