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Thread: Sonic Sweet - 3 plugins - How to use them best?

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    Sonic Sweet - 3 plugins - How to use them best?

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    I had a little money to spend on myself this Christmas, and just ordered Sonic Sweet from BBE, which has three plugins - Sonic Maximizer, Harmonic Maximizer, and Loudness Maximizer.

    I'm using these in my master. In the chain I have everything set up like below except I don't know what order to put the Sonic sweet plugins in, and if I knew that, I can play around with them from that point to get a sound I like I think.

    1. Waves Renassiance Compressor
    2. Waves Renassiance 6band EQ
    3. sonic sweet plugin
    4. sonic sweet plugin
    5. sonic sweet plugin

    6. Deesser
    7. Stereo width
    8. Reel tape saturation
    9. peak limiter
    10. Maxim

    Any ideas for order of 3 - 5? Also any tips from people who have used this software?


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    I think you need at least 4-5 more plugins in that stereo master bus chain....
    ...just in case you missed something with the first 10 plugins!

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    Word... If you need more than one or two on the 2-buss, you're probably doing something terribly wrong...

    99.985% of the time, I wouldn't put a BBE Sonic Maximizer (or the harmonic maximzer) anywhere near my recordings.

    Of course, I probably wouldn't put a compressor before an EQ on the 2-buss either. Or use a stereo width plug (on my OWN mixes? Not a snowball's chance in hell - ever).

    Sorry - Ranting. One of those days...

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    i wouldnt use these over an entire song if it were me...I dont think thats what they are for

    I think they are to effect individual tracks like a bass or guitar
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