Hi, how is it going?

I finished recording my instrumental guitar album, sounds good to me on my Rokit 8 monitors, but of course I wanted them to sound good on headphones and other devices. (which I kind of accomplished).

I was playing with the final master using the Q10 plugin from Waves but I still need to fix final touches, is there a way you could help me with a preset from any EQ plugin from Waves based on my tracks? (I used Q10 but didn't move that much other than a few mids), and I'm aware the track maybe would need fixing the mix first but I'm comfortable with how it sounds at this point.

Dropbox - Songs

There are 2 tracks of the same song, the one with the "EQ" is there I applied the Q10 plugin, the other one is the one with the plugin.

Hope you can help me guys, thanks.