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Thread: Professional Mastering is Worth the Money.

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    I have a couple of DSOTM's quads including the Parsons. they are cooll. I have about 50 other quad albums decoded and converted for use on a surround sound system but with full quality and in the original quad rather than 4.1 or 5.1. It's great stuff usually though sometimes disappointing when they gets too tricksie - and often rock lacks power on quad as they hadn't really developed a consistent replacement for the stereo sound stage for power.

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    A little late to this thread as I am just getting back to the forum after a long time away. It's definitely worth it, depending on your level of seriousness (?). If you intend to make real money, that's your goal, there's no question. I did mastering in a studio. I master my songs at home. I know how. I do not have the same equipment at home. EQ, GOOD EQ, is a big difference. Compression can excite, and compression can kill. But the several comments about fresh, is true. Even when I was mastering somebody else's stuff, I got tired of the constant critical listening, and would have other ears listen.

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