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Thread: New song: "Footprints In The Sands Of Time"

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    New song: "Footprints In The Sands Of Time"

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    This is one of the first songs I produced on my new Tascam dp32sd. I played all the instruments and did the lead vocal and background vocals. The song is a cover by Charlie Pride. Hope you enjoy it.


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    Hey....nice job there! I enjoyed the listen. I like your's well suited for country for sure. A couple nit piks if you don't mind. Your vocal is a little "dry" for my taste. It needs a little bit of reverb or some other processing to help it match the depth and flavor of the other instruments. On the other hand your lead guitar sound has just a tad too much reverb on my opinion only. Tonally you could separate your instruments a little. They seem to share common mid frequencies.....making for a sort of muddy middle of the sound stage. You've panned the harmonies nicely but the other tracks seem to be more up the middle. Play around with some panning and see if you like it.

    Remember.......I'm totally nit piking here. You have something good going for sure.

    EDIT: I just realized that I was listening to your track with the audio settings on my system not flat at all. The high end of a 3 band EQ was down by 4db and resulted in some listening errors. I do think your panning could be worked on and your main vocal could use some it's just a bit too much up front.

    Once again......nice work and thanks for the listen!
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