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Thread: New J. Burd record .... "Ruk'u Yaya" freshly released

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    New J. Burd record .... "Ruk'u Yaya" freshly released

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    I used this forum a lot while recording this album. Thanks to anyone who helped me work through issues! Recorded in my bedroom. Out now on Spotify + all digital streaming services and LIMITED VINYL (100 copies made) via Baby Carrot Records. Let me know what you think of the sounds n all or if you have questions about stuff I used. Cheers!

    Some links here - pick n choose

    Spotify - Ruk'u Yaya by J. Burd on Spotify

    Bandcamp - Ruk'u Yaya | J. Burd

    Music Video -

    LIMITED VINYL - Baby Carrot Records | J. Burd - Ruk'u Yaya LP - First Pressing _/70 | Online Store Powered by Storenvy

    Instagram - @jburd_music

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    Really like it!

    KISS: a good song with not too much window dressing in the vid. Nice.
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