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Thread: New goth pop soul music

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    New goth pop soul music

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    Inspired by artists like Lil Peep and Blink-182, Scotty Bee delivers Musical potency that combines Goth Pop soul and spirit infused with a dash of splendid "YOLO" dreams. Scotty Bee will take you on a magical, mystical journey through the heaven and hells of this time space reality. Are you ready? Check out his new song "MARCH" and enjoy the ride!

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    Knew I would like this when I saw Lil Peep and Blink. I like the chorus.

    I never heard the term "Goth pop soul"... To me this sounds like Emo trap aka Emo rap. You should join the FB group "The Emo Trap Group" and share your music there.

    You should also check out my music, which has a similar style:

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