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Thread: MustBeat Crew related releases...

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    Children of the rhythm,

    Besides introducing our hommies and local fellows from the Carpathian Basin area and thus representing the Budapest funk sound, we've always been ready to look out of our own neighbourhood.... Have already been messing up with our friends in Australia, Canada, and all around in Europe... So, it's time to drive our attention to the UK again and see what Exeter's been cooking...

    Cop Dat Shit EP by El Bomba

    01. El Bomba - Cop Dat Shit
    02. El Bomba - Cop Dat Shit (Niels Philips remix)
    03. El Bomba - Cop Dat Shit (J-Sound remix)
    04. El Bomba - Cop Dat Shit (Ez Icarus remix)

    for having a listen right now; don't hesitate to go...

    reactions so far...

    Rusty B [All Good Funk Alliance]:
    "The J-Sound Remix is banging..."

    BadboE [Breakbeat Paradise Recordings]:
    "Phat EP here. Cool original and some strong remixes! Love the Niles Philips remix..."

    CMC [Manmade]:
    "j-sound made it on this one for me!"

    Johnny Pluse [Bula Beats]:
    "like this version, big tunes"

    Father Funk [Tremendo]:
    "Bangin release, love the Niles Philips mix"

    Csucsu [Dubszekhaz]:
    "Strong original track with fat beats and basslines"

    Rory Hoy [Ram Skank Records, Funk Weapons]:
    "Niles' Remix is really nice!"

    Doctor Hooka [NSB radio, UK]:
    "EL BOMBA!!!!!!! Just damn funky, and some serious remixes as well. J-Sound's is BIG!!"

    Mash & Munkee [Hero Records]:
    "I like the niles philips remix"

    Mick [BigM Productions]:
    "Great release. Supported! Most use for the J-Sound Remix."

    Dr. Best [Rockit]:
    "he remixes by NILES PHILIPS and J-SOUND are my favourites here! both are great!"

    Basement Freaks [Bombastic Jam, Jalapeno Records]:
    "Nice beats"

    Corp [Basdeonbass]:

    DJ MAARS [Booty Fruit]:
    "Nice release boys, all versions bringing something fresh to the table, I like!"

    Macho []:
    "j-sound rmx is cool !"

    Sammy Senior [Ghetto Funk]:
    "Great Track! hard to choose a favorite, all the remixes have great style and compliment the original. and great work on the remixes.. J-sounds version is superb!"

    Gemini Bros [BigM Productions]:
    "great release guys! cheers from bucharest"

    Timothy Wisdom [Bombastic Jam, ReSoul Records]:
    "Love the vibe of the Niles Philips Remix. The J-Sound remix also has some quality sounds."

    DJ Wash [Wash The System]
    "nice remixes. Just met El Bomba in Exeter. Nice guy. And got talent too. Dig his beats a long time."

    Dj Agent 86 [Chopshop, Lightspeed Recordings]:
    "nice remixes. Just met El Bomba in Exeter. Nice guy. And got talent too. Dig his beats a long time."

    Zamali [Timewarp Music]:
    "You probably already know i'm not a fan of wobble bass & ghetto funk style but the Niles Philips remix does it prettywell for me for that's the one i'll play & support for sure "

    Fuzzbox Inc. [Bombastic Jam, Radical Mixtapes]:
    "phat release, all about j-sound remix fellas"

    Jamie [Distorsion Records]:
    "Nice release friends!!"

    Spinforth [Ghetto Funk, Scour Records]:
    "Ace El Bomba release on Must Beat. All about the J-Sound remix for my those keys"

    Quincy Jointz [Timewarp Music, 8th Dimension Records]:
    "Niles Philips remix is outstanding (full points for this one). Its damn funky, groovy and kind of timeless. No other is near as good as this one."

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    Hello everyone!

    We've just reached another milestone in the life of our little MustBeat label: the 25th release is out now... So, we have aimed to bring you the essence of the label: the best remixes compilied into one strong package!

    If you missed any of these badass funky tracks in the last 4 years or some of the tracks don't ring a bell, please don't hesitate to have a fast listen here in this promo podcast especially made for now, yo!

    This is what you're gonna hear:

    01. Hotelsinus - Unreality (Sammy Senior remix)
    02. Mr. Bird - Keep On (Supafly) (DJ Maars remix)
    03. Lakeshore Drive - Living The Funk (Omegaman remix)
    04. Vida G - Club Havanna (Voodoofunk remix)
    05. El Bomba - Cop That Shit (Niels Philips remix)
    06. Lakeshore Drive - Living The Funk (Tom Drummond remix)
    07. Yomakomba - Superstar (Father Funk remix)
    08. The Worldstylers - The Kosher Beat (Qdup remix)
    09. El Bomba - Cop That Shit (J-Sound remix)
    10. J-Sound - Supernature (Trotter remix)
    11. Fabian Juli Jazz Riff - Relax (dj Clairvo remix)
    12. Pulp Fusion - Second Chance (BadboE remix)
    13. Mr. Bird - Champignon Sound (Jayl Funk remix)
    14. The Worldstylers - Roller Low (Quincy Jointz remix)
    15. Pulp Fusion - Bring It Back (Lakeshore Drive remix)
    16. Vida G - Club Havanna (Valique remix)
    17. Yomakomba - Superstar (Zamali remix)
    18. Lakeshore Drive - Disco Strut (Danny Massure remix)
    19. Widosub - Paper Train (Metha remix)
    20. Nnothing - Different Ways (DJ Andy Taylor remix)
    21. Widosub - Paper Train (Some DJ remix)

    ...or just simply have your own copy down below here:

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    Welcome to the oldest release ever on our label... LesBiens used to be a side-project inside MustBeat Crew between 1999 and 2003. We've been having a few live acts with this set-up and had crafted two dope hip-hop jointz during the years. Yes, yes, these tracks are more than a dozen years old and have never seen the day of light before... If you give a careful listen to them, you'll be happy to find out that these ones are nothing but pure AKAI MPC-2000 action!

    Les Biens - The Early Years EP

    01. Park 44
    02. The Chase feat. Belingrent Momo

    You can also read what others think about this release...

    Page not found - Ghetto Funk

    LES BIENS: The Early Years EP (2015) | Monkeyboxing

    ... or give a quick listen @

    If you dig, what you hear, please consider supporting us and purchase our music at JunoDownload!

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    Freethinker Funk Essence - Record Store EP
    out on the 2nd of February, 2017...

    Record Store by Freethinker Funk Essence on MP3, WAV, FLAC, AIFF & ALAC at Juno Download

    "Sweet funk! Really like both 'The Spy Of Mrs Lee' & 'Quentin's Lost Movie'. Cheers..." D*FUNK

    "nice chilled funky tunes!" CMC & SILENTA[i]

    "Lovely cinematic breaks & ice cool vibes, sounds like some top diggin goin on" DAYTONER

    "Nice funky themes, support !"

    "Nice one guys. a cool mix of Nujazz & Funk !! Dope!"

    "excellent funk!" BANG' N MASH

    "Outstandingly funky!" ZENIT INCOMPATIBLE

    "Lovin the 70's style vibes here !!! Nice one" CRASHGROOVE

    "Some tasty jams. Lovely work." DOE RAN

    "this 1st track is awesome! took me back in time" DJ WASH

    "A nice release! Favourites: "The Spy Of Mrs. Lee" and "Record Store"." DR. BEST

    "Some nice chilled funk" FRANKEE MORE

    "This is sublime" DR. HOOKA

    "love this funky !!!!!" JOHNNY PLUSE

    "Nice funky and jazzy vibes all over this...Record Store is dope!" PALE PENGUIN

    "Some proper nice slices of funk!!" ALIENS IN DENMARK

    "funky and groovy stuff." QUINCY JOINTZ

    "Groovin', love it!" DJ KID STRETCH

    "Sweet Ep for the Happy Hour,thanks" GROOVE MIND

    "groovy as hell!" FUNKLINERS

    "Nice, laidback grooves." BMD

    - - -

    01. The Spy Of Mrs. Lee
    02. Records Store
    03. Quentin's Lost Movie

    Have you ever been diggin' through shitload of vinyls during the whole afternoon in your local record store and ending up findig nothing? Do you know the feeling when there's no result of constant secrhing for the right music? Freethinker Funk Essence is exactly familiar with this situation....

    Having travelled all across Europe and having spent days of hours in old, dusty or fresh record stores, then sampling crates of vinyls like there's no tomorrow, Freethink Funk Essence delivers you the mood and vibes you were looking for - and we're more than happy to deliver you his latest EP: big city funk,. happy bass-lines, nasty grooves...

    Bring it on!

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