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Thread: Get the sun new track hit the charts

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    Get the sun new track hit the charts

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    A producer (and multi-instrumentalist) of my friend "Gliffo": His debut single "Get The Sun In Your Head" hit the greman & italian Amazon Charts. The music video got more than 100.000 views in less than 4 weeks...
    please check the song

    Get The Sun In Your Head, a song by Gliffo on Spotify

    House Radio:
    Get The Sun In Your Head - House Radio Remix, a song by Gliffo, Selin on Spotify

    For more information, have a look here:
    Gliffo - ENGLISH - Rock Pop Song Artist
    Get The Sun In YOur Head - Rock Pop Song Artist

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    congratulations for achieving that much

    how much money did he make for all that work ?

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