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Thread: Jamming room trouble-need drain cleaning services in Toronto

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    Jamming room trouble-need drain cleaning services in Toronto

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    I'm inclined to music from my younger age and I've set up a recording studio at my home recently. It is soundproof and the music equipment is all set. My friends join me every day for the jamming session. Well, I'm here to ask another question not related to the recording studio.
    Last week when we had a jamming session there was an embarrassing situation for me. There was a foul smell of the sewer gas leaking out through the attached toilet in the studio. The smell of rotten eggs produced by hydrogen sulphide is highly irritating. I really don't know why this happened.
    We've closed it out and I'm badly in need of any drain cleaning services in Toronto.
    Thank you

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    I'm not quite sure what to make of your posts, but this is about as non-recording as they get.

    P.S. It's not the drain that's plugged.
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