Hey guys! I'm a Hip Hop Producer and also a DJ. My old headphones have died on me so I'm looking for some new ones. I have a rigid budget of 50 to spend, though I would like to get some half decent ones. I'll be using them for mixing and DJing primarily though I will also be using them for production on Logic using an apogee duet. I already have two Rokit 6 speakers, so as a general rule, I'd obviously use them instead of the headphones for production but one of the speakers has died on me too (I must be unlucky at the moment) so I'll be looking to use headphones for production until the speaker gets fixed.

I know DJing and Producing are different jobs that require different levels of accuracy when it comes to listening with headphones so finding something reasonably decent at both for my budget would be ideal. The advice I have received up to now is to go and get the Sennheiser HD 215 headphones. As apparently they're the best I can get for my budget, for those jobs.

I'd love to know your thoughts on this?