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Thread: Microphone for rapping?

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    Microphone for rapping?

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    This is asked a lot, but I was not able to find something exactly specific and recent.

    If I am beginning to Rap, what mic would you recommend in a 50 Euro range (up to 100 Euro, if it is worth it)?

    While I know studio quality will be expensive, something decent will do, as now I am freestyling by playing Youtube in background and recording on phone - let's say that I heard better and people I am sending it to complaint of the quality. While obviously something very cheap like 10 Euro for Skype-only microphone would be not enough, what would be the golden middle?

    I believe as any industry new products come out regularly and perhaps something dropped recently to good price-levels, or there's that one product that is always available at a good price to begin with and is affordable?


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    If you'r recording into a phone it will have to be can't be one that needs phantom power, so I think I'd suggest an AKG D5, should be about 80. You'll need an XLR to phone input adaptor for it.
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    I would suggest in this price rage for hip hop recording either AT or T Bone. Check their models they have mics in this price range and have decent quality.
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