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Thread: Zoom R16 Recording on tracks 9-16

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    Zoom R16 Recording on tracks 9-16

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    I've just started playing with the other tracks on the Zoom R16. Tracks 9-16
    I recorded something onto track 9 when I played back in track 1-8 the track I had just recorded on Track 9 was playing on the Master Track.
    Is this normal?

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    I'm not sure I understand what you are saying. Do you not want to hear track 9?

    All 16 tracks should be available for playback. If you want to adjust track 9 (mute it or change volume, etc), just hit the button to select second bank and fader 1 should control track 9.

    Does that answer your question?

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    You can move recordings around between banks (or within banks) using the Swap function. The trick there is that you can only swap mono tracks with mono tracks, and stereo with stereo. So make sure the destination track is set up appropriately before trying to swap.

    You are not limited to recording in one bank at a time. The only limitation is that you cannot simultaneously record on two tracks that have the same input (for example, track 1 and track 9 both use input 1, so you can't simultaneously record on tracks 1 and 9).

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