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Thread: Zoom R16 and DAW

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    Guys...thanks for all the great comments and ideas...I haven't yet had a chance to try setting up like the link that's suggested in Turre's first post...Hopefully later this week...I'm an analog guy...tape decks and all that stuff...this move to digital has not been as easy as I had hoped it would be...but I'm trying and learning and while I'm not always understanding the full range of your comments...I'm trying to catch up...

    Right now I move my R16 tracks into my PC and open them in Audacity...this works...but cumbersome...the primary reason I got the R16 was that it was supposed to be able to be the control surface with Cubase....but after working
    with Audacity for about 3 years then trying to work with Cubase...I feel like I'm going from a '47 Ford to a Maserati...overwhelming...

    Early on I played with Reaper a bit...and it makes a LOT more sense to me than Cubase...I can use Reaper "fairly" well...certainly no expert....heck...not even an advanced amateur...but I am doing a few things with it....and now that I have instructions to mate the R16 with Reaper...(Thanks Turre)...I think I can make this work....

    Folks...appreciate your time...input and kind words...

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    I had a look in the manual and it looks like it ought to work, but there were two things mentioned that might not help. One is that USB hubs are not supported. Frankly, I've always found USB hubs to be rubbish. They never work. The other snag is that 64-bit systems are not supported.

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