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Thread: why need a editing program Cubase?

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    why need a editing program Cubase?

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    Hi All
    As im starting out with the home recording and video editing ive been reading forums and creating posts , I will be needing to sync video to audio , am using pro tools , thinking aboout vegas ,,
    then im on a telephone conversation with a friend of mine telling him all about it , Hes quiet experienced ,
    he said why not get cubase as it does it all for you ????

    kind of throws the need for an editing program out the window ,,
    or am i wrong , maybe the editing program in cubase DAW is not as good as an editing program ,
    thoughts Please

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    He's clearly not very experienced. I edit video and audio - I use Premiere (and rarely use Audition that I get with the subscription) to edit video. My DAW is Cubase and I use it to record and mix. I use Sound Forge to edit audio. Three different bits of software.

    To put things a bit straight. Cubase can have a video track, and an on screen video monitor for when you are doing audio for video. It can now also render video and audio back out - which is a new feature. It CANNOT do proper video editing - no video specific tools - it just plays a video file.

    Premiere edit video well - I like it, but it's audio facilities are limited compared with Cubase and Sound Forge. Sound, for instance can be moved in time - but the accuracy is the video smallest increment - a frame, so that's quite a blunt adjustment. In Cubase you can do microscopic moves of the audio.

    You want to sync video to audio, or audio to video? I tend to do the audio in audio software, then bring the audio file into Premiere - but sometimes trying to align a sync point - like a hand clap can be a bit too early, or a bit too late, and not perfect. In most cases, the difference is perfectly livable with, but for perfection I go back to sound forge and trim a few samples off and the pop it back into the Premiere timeline if I need spot on accuracy.

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    Generally suites that do both do neither well but, no doubt, there are exceptions.
    I use Protools for audio editing and, when doing video work, import the result into Premiere for the video work. Same idea as Rob.

    A long time ago (v6/7?) I used Sony Vegas as my main audio suite, although it's primarily billed as a video editing suite, so maybe that's one of the exceptions that's worth looking in to?
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    Vegas can utilize VST plug-ins which is nice for light audio editing. But for true multi-track recording, you want a dedicated DAW. I use Vegas Pro for videos and Cubase for audio. Get the song how I want it in Cubase and render to a wav or mp3, then import it into Vegas to produce my videos.

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    I always thought Vegas was a fairly full featured DAW as well as a video editor - although I only ever used an early version.

    I use Reaper for both audio and video editing. The video side is fairly basic but very usable for matching up separately recorded audio and video. Both Reaper and Vegas work in the way a DAW user would expect. I find most video editing software very difficult to use after having used DAWs for years but my 8 year old son loves playing around with Da Vinci Resolve so it is probably a case of using what fits your way of working best.
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    What James says ^^^

    I use Vegas for video and Reaper for audio, though both can do video and audio. To me they do stuff the way I'd expect stuff to be done, which means I find them very comfortable to use.

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    I use a combination of Reaper and Cyberlink PowerDirector. Edit all the audio in Reaper, import it into PD. They also make a program called AudioDirector, which I have, but I've only used it to make some minor changes to a final mix. Its functions are more akin to doing minor color corrections in a video, changing contrast levels etc. It has tools for wind noise, declicks, hiss or hum removal, etc. Its not as good of a multichannel DAW as Reaper to me, although it will do multitrack recording.

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    Reaper for audio and Vegas for video for me, as well.
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