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Thread: What files to delete?

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    What files to delete?

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    Got a refurbished dell optiplex 9010 small form... Have my dell latitude e6410 laptop(quite the wreck)... Went to either cast to device or share or anything or any way that the windows 10 or the computers could allow to transfer files-and couldn't do it... So as a last resort I used two free transfer called File Transfer and the other called Zapya...Zapya worked but the same as a cheaper flash drive (one file at a time).. Not one folder at a time...The other app seemed to have the files show up the next I'm just about all caught up and I'm left puzzled... The laptop (windows10 home) posted 162 or so gb used, that's with cubasele8 abelton live and quite a few instruments and effects plugins...When I checked the storage on the new computer after I installed programs and moved files etc. it read close to 178 gb used.The old laptop even has a lot more other things on it to begin with. That's on a 240gb ssd... The new computer was super fast to begin with and it's still fast but how come the big difference in storage use? Can I delete the cubasele8 and the abelton live9 installers? What folders or files can I do without? I know that after I move or copy to the Steinberg folder(that's where most downloads go) some folders pertaining to the download shows up empty..can I delete them? I have started to delete some apps that came with the computer.
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