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Thread: What DAW are you using?

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    The 10 Best Free DAWs Available - RouteNote Blog

    strange they are not all in the poll

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    I use Reaper, Digital Performer, and Pro Tools. I started getting paid for editing tracks for a professional studio, when he found out I had taken classes in Pro Tools. I clean up, fix phase issues, time align, and do some tuning. I’ll send that file back but, he also has me do a some mixing too.

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    I use Studio One version 4 and from time to time I use Cakewalk.

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    Quote Originally Posted by thewonders View Post
    I use Samplitude as my go-to DAW - I'm on the latest Pro X3. I also use Logic 9 on occasion. I also own an older version of Studio One - it was one of the easiest DAWs to learn, in my experience.

    I started on Cakewalk Pro Audio 9 many years ago, and stayed with Cakewalk until Sonar X2. Around that time a mastering engineer friend who used Magix Sequoia did an audio test between Sonar and Samplitude... the difference was quite obvious, and I moved to Samplitude after hearing that.

    I've used Linux for a long time and several years ago I set up a Linux audio machine, using Ardour. It worked and sounded good, but the hassle of setting it up and updating it wasn't worth it - too time consuming. Also limited support from hardware and software companies.

    I've tried a lot of DAWs - I didn't care for Reaper, and it's not as full featured as the big DAWs, but of course that's why it's so cheap. I didn't care for Cubase (a version ago) either, but I got along a bit better with Nuendo (several versions ago). I still own the first version of both Reason and Audition as well as Cool Edit Pro, Tutuapp 9apps Showbox which was nice for its time. I've even used Kristal, N-Track, and Wavosaur.
    I use Kristal, N-Track and Wavosaur vet it works very well with me without any remarkable problem
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