Hi everyone. To record the guitar, as a sound card so far i have used a Zoom G3 (goes to 44100 Hz), obtaining a fairly acceptable quality but i have no possibility to make a comparison with other products, so i was wondering if with a dedicated sound card, i could get a sensitive leap in quality and not just noticeable . Briefly, what are the limitations of the Zoom G3 seen as an audio interface? What do you say?

My second request concerns the use of VSTs with MIDI. Since I play the guitar but I don't know how to play keyboards except for the main chords, the purpose is to use the VST of piano and keyboards, playing the chords on a midi guitar and I was wondering if the latency with a sound card with MIDI sockets on board , like the Behringer UMC204HD, was less than that of a MIDI-USB cable. What do you say?