I work at a radio station, and we have the AudioScience PCIe/PCI cards that use a Breakout interface that separates the audio I/O on computers and also produces a very clean sound. These things are very, very expensive, even on eBay. I was wondering if anyone knows of a similar consumer grade product that has a USB interface, rather than PCIe/PCI. I'm not opposed to using PCIe, I just prefer the physical device on my desk for controlling volume. Something akin to this1, or perhaps this2. I really only have one mic that is pre-processed, so audio inputs aren't as important. What I really want is the ability to route audio outputs with a push of a physical button to either my monitors or my headphones. The ability to mute my monitors hear myself on the mic with just a push of a button is another feature that I would really like. And also stay within the $50-$150 price point.

EDIT: OK, so I can't post links on the forum until I post a few times. I get why, but that's a little frustrating.
  • This1: a link to "Creative Sound Blaster K3+ USB Powered 2 Channel Digital Mixer AMP/DAC/, Digital Effects XLR Inputs with Phantom Power / TRS / Z Line Inputs" on Amazon
  • This2: a link to "Behringer Xenyx 1204USB Premium 12-Input 2/2-Bus Mixer" on Amazon