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Thread: Superior Drummer in Logic - Multitimbral?

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    Superior Drummer in Logic - Multitimbral?

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    So i use Logic and i have SD as a plugin. Now what i would like is to construct one drumkit in SD, and have it record on mutliple tracks in Logic. That way i can use the effects in Logic on all drums seperately. So i just play the kit, but it records the snare and kick on different tracks.
    I want this cuz i dont like to do eq and compressing etc in SD, i prefer to do this in logic.

    When i create multitimbral tracks in Logic and set SD as plugin i get all the tracks with the same instrumentname, and i can record them. But they all record the full drums, altogether. Nothing seperate. So say i create 8 "instr 1"
    tracks, each one will record the whole drumkit, not just the snare or kick.

    I know it should be possible....right? Anyone know what im doing wrong?

    OK so i read some more. I now know how to make the Aux channels pressing the small "+". But how do i assign all sounds to these seperate Aux channels? I have 3 mics on kick for instance and i want them all 3 over 1 Aux channel. Same for snare. Do i assign busses? What does the "SD 1-2", "SD 3-4" etc mean?
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