I have been using my SoundBlaster Live! with kx drivers, for the, eh., last 10+ years
I am satisfied with it's possibilities but I plan to upgrade to a new PC soon, which unfortunately has some interference with the card and there's a lot of noise (for example when I move the mouse or anything else, lots of pretty loud can be heard like clicks etc).
I use a mixer (Soundcraft Compact 4) for my routing and preamps and phantom power which is then connected to line in on the card.
Which sound card/interface would you recommend that offers low latency (4ms or less, I use a lot of real time VST as guitar amps etc), it may or may not have preamps since I use that on the mixer. Around 100. I want good and stable drivers, good s/n ratio
Using Reaper, Win 10, new PC is Ryzen 7, 500 GB SSD

Thanks a lot!