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Thread: Rockville propietary monitor cable: fix, replace, throw in Mississipi River?

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    Quote Originally Posted by eyefloater View Post

    do monitors like these, where the pair of RCAs go into one and then a cable goes to the other have crossover built into them?
    now that i'm sending one rca into the remaining monitor, and the other thru a RCAstereo-to-1/4mono splitter (er, uniter) and into the bass amp, am i gonna get a different stereo image - without a center? does that matter?

    this is crazy town, i know. pretty fun tho...
    AH, okay. If I'm understanding you correctly, you're not dealing with what we'd strictly call a 'monitor'. These RCA crosswiring schemes are consumer speaker techniques to add spatial feel to the sound. They take a little from this side and send it to that side and vice-versa. So there's probably a bit more than a crossover inside the speaker.

    Now, the setup often sounds pleasing in a Bose sort of way, but it's not accurate. In fact, they go to great lengths to make it inaccurate. Accurate, in a low power, small driver setup is often not a comfortable sound. So they introduce these tricks to make a little bookshelf unit sound big and luscious. It's not without merit.

    Your best bet is to simply run a single cable - the heavy ones in question - to each speak. If you get sound, you got it. If it sounds wimpy and a little clock-radio-ish, then you're probably hearing the real deal. That's whatcha got. Sucks, but we've all been there.

    But that might not be what it is, because, after reading it again, I'm not sure what exactly you're doing.

    I've played with a lot of caved-in cones. No distortion. "Little machine farts" are probably coil related BUT with the extra RCA circuitry, it could be a lotta things. First see if you can run without the cross wiring.

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    Is this the type of monitor you are running? Interesting design choices, more like home computer speakers than the normal active monitors. While it cuts down on cabling and power cords, it doesn't seem to be a particularly robust system based on reading some comments online. I can't comment on the sound quality, since I've never heard them.

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    Usually a 'dent in the cone' isn't in the cone at all, but the dust cover. It's in the center of the speaker and usually round.(as in dome shaped)
    It is there to keep dust out of the voice coil which is directly behind it. A dent, while unsightly, isn't going to hurt anything, and there are less invasive ways to pop out the dent.
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