Hello friends,

I'm having trouble recording a MIDI file and would like to see if you all could help me diagnose and solve the problem.

Here's my set up:
Sony Acid Pro 7
Alesis Crimson Mesh Head Electronic Drum Kit
Line 6 TonePort UX2

I used to record my ekit drums via audio cable through the UX2 and into Acid Pro 7. There were no problems with that and everything recorded fine, except my audio engineer, Ben, who does my mixing and mastering suggested I record a MIDI file of the drums because he could more easily manipulate the file and give it a realer acoustic drum sound when he mixed the recording with the guitars and other things I record. I agreed and bought two different MIDI cables: one cable has the standard five pin input with a small processor embedded in the wire which converts it to a USB on the other end of the cable, and the second cable is a high-quality, gold-plated USB MIDI cable which goes directly to the USB on the other side.

No matter which cable I use, Ben is noticing problems with the MIDI file, that it is significantly different than the audio file, and he reports this: If you listen, you can hear that things start off well, it's clearly the same performance, but then about 50 seconds in tons and tons of the hits you're playing aren't being recorded by the MIDI/computer, though I can hear you're clearly playing them based off the original drum audio. The dots are the midi notes, the waveform below it is the original drum audio.
Here is the picture he references:

Attachment 100092

I tried troubleshooting this myself today and found that the MIDI/Computer picks up hits for about the first 15-30 seconds, but then each of the triggers start to look like this, where each trigger looks like it's constantly being played (like holding down a piano/MIDI keyboard key), although I'm not doing anything to that particular trigger:
Attachment 100093

Solution I Seek:
I'd like to be able to have a clean, clear MIDI file that matches perfectly with the audio file I record so Ben can work his magic and I can keep recording new songs for my project.

Please let me know if you need any further information. Thank you.