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Thread: Reaper MIDI question

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    danny.guitar Guest

    Reaper MIDI question

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    Is there a way to setup Reaper so I can tell it to start/stop recording with my MIDI keyboard? I have an 88 key M-Audio USB keyboard with no extra options except a modulation wheel, volume knob, "Advanced Functions" button which seems to do nothing, and a +/- octave button.

    Maybe assign it so I can press a note on the keyboard and it will stop recording? And also to tell it to start recording?

    I have my computer out in the hallway due to noise issues. My keyboard only reaches part way into my room and I don't wanna have to walk across the room every time I mess up. :P Or fix mistakes in the MIDI editor.

    I'm gonna try to get a longer cable or re-arrange stuff but until then this would help a lot.

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    danny.guitar Guest
    No one knows? Pipeline? Zed?

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    Right click on the port your controller is attached to and choose "enable input for control messages"

    then go to the prefs\keyboard screen and set it up

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    danny.guitar Guest
    Awesome thanks.

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