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Thread: New Protools setup suggestion.

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    New Protools setup suggestion.

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    You guys might remember a mic pre related question that I asked some weeks back... Much has changed since and I have a need to move to a Pro Tools system at home simply because most of the studio's I work in now have an HD setup and it would make it easier form me to explore PT at home and use those skills at work. Having said, that I'm looking at (but not limited to) these two setups mostly for recording from a DJ mixer and doing voice over work, along with some signing (rare though, so not a focus.)

    Digidesign Digi 002r
    FMR Audio RNP + RNC (rnp for 002 pre upgrade, RNC to make sure that I'm not overloading the converters in the box... it's not a limiter but Iím not expecting to go that much over 0db to need one)


    Digidesign M-Box
    Apogee Mini Me

    The price difference between the two setup's is about 150 so it's not really an issue. How do the pre's and converters in the second setup compare to the first? What about compression (considering my need for best possible signal in the system w.o changing the character of the incoming sound.)

    I also considered getting two P1's but my need for stereo compression makes it hard to pick that option and risking compressing the two channels of a single source differently.

    As far as the mic goes, I am planning on getting the Shure SM7b.

    I'm also open to suggestions so let me know if you would go about the setup differently.

    PS: the same setup as my home one will likely be installed in a college radio station for production work.


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    Go with the 002r. The Apogees would be nice, but the converters on the 002 are excellent. They're not Apogees, but I'd take 8 channels of those over 2 channels of Apogee in a heartbeat. Of course, I often need to record more than 2 channels too... .

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