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Thread: My firepod review/experience FWIW

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    My firepod review/experience FWIW

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    This is copied from a response I sent to someone's PM, asking about the unit:

    Previous to the firepod, I only had a (good quality yamaha) four track cassette. I am an avid vinyl collector and collect vintage hi-fi stuff, just to give you a sort of background as to how much you can trust my ear.

    I got the 'pod in October, and took it right out to track my jass band, but ran into the problem of only being able to take two tracks at once.

    Some weeks of reading and posting on here and clicking around in CUbase and in my various XP windows eventually solved the problem, and I can now take 8 tracks into Cubase LE at once, no glitches.

    I am running an HP laptop w/ a celeron 1.7 gig. It's about two years old. I never did much surfing/ downloading on it, so it's free of spyware and other crap. It has only frozen one or two times, no more than say, your average word processor.

    I've only had it four months or so now, and have completed a reasonably good demo. So maybe figure on that much time as your learning curve, too.

    Now to the sound.

    I just bought a Nady rsm 4 ribbon, and have it plugged in right now. Ribbons are notorious for needing good preamps with lots of gain and the ability to be driven by high impedance inputs. The sound of my keys and computer and creaking chair tells me that the preamp is able to get a detailed sound, even out of this ribbon.

    I was bummed just after I got this b/c the motu 8pre came out. But I have decided that since I don't have an ADAT or anything, that I'd rather have the send/returns on the back of my firepod.
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    Post some samples, zenabI... I would like to hear your "Jazz Noises"!

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