Ok. I just dropped 3 grand on the following items.
1)Event Layla
2)ALesis Sudio 24
3)Event 20/20 Monitors
4)Alesis QS6.1
5)Computer Upgrades
6)CAD Equitek 100

My problem is that I go from the Microphone to the mixer, to the layla, that then goes to the computer and back to the board throught Layla. I can barely hear the signal and even ay its low volume it is distorting the Mic. I have no idea how to make this work.

Also, i am using a Crown ce1000 to run my non amplified speakers. Is this a good idea. Is the match between the Ce1000 and the Event monitors a good one?

Another issue, is the Renaissance compressor plug-in better than the Alesis 3606 compressor? I have heard that it is but i do not know.

Any help would be appreciated before i put a bullet in the mixer!