How does this kind of shit ALWAYS happen? Without fail SOMETHING goes wrong ALWAYS!

I just bought a FATAR StudioLogic SL-880Pro keyboard and I bought a MOTU 828mkII, and am now as happy as a man could be.

I have been recording the drums using the "Drumkit From Hell" acoustic drum samples for the EXS24mkII. It has been going great. Well today when I switched everything on... somehow through some dark miracle, every time I press a note on the keyboard it plays the sample, but then it plays it AGAIN when I let go. While this little feature would be most helpful for some extra fast snare work... it SUCKS for playing piano etc.

I powereed everything down three times and tried switching tracks and samples with the EXS24mkII. It just kept on doing it. I don't know if it is a setting mistake in the keyboard, the MOTU or in Logic. And most perplexing is... how in hell it got there in the first place all by itself over night!

Any help would be, well... helpful!