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Thread: Linking pre amps

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    Linking pre amps

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    Audio nerd friends, I have a question.

    I have a focusrite 8 channel pre as my interface for logic, and I want to expand it by adding an 8 channel presonus pre. Right now I've got the presonus optical output connected to the focusrite optical input. I figured it would send the information from the presonus to the focusrite and then logic would recognize the 8 additional channels, but I'm not getting anything. My room mate (who's gear it is) claims he did this before and it worked. Anyone have any ideas? (I installed all the drivers and everything)

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    Lots of questions.

    What Presonus and Focusrite devices and does it show up in the Focusrite software app? Have you configured the Focusrite as the master clock in the app? If itís there, which inputs in Logic are you expecting the Presonus mic pres to be on?

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