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Thread: Lav Mic + Videoconferencing?

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    Lav Mic + Videoconferencing?

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    Hey, noob here, but not un-technical. I have a MacBook Pro, with the single TRRS input, and I'm trying to set up an ideal situation where I have a lav mic but can hear the video conference conversation or other audio.

    I bought a Rode smartlav+ (TRRS), which seems to do a nice job with audio in, but using it in the headset in hijacks the audio out and I can't play audio, say, through the built-in speakers.

    I think I have a couple of options, but wanted to see if anyone else had solved this problem. I think I can:
    1) use the Rode Lav and a USB adapter to get audio out,
    2) get a different TRS Lav (instead of TRRS) and use a mic/headphone splitter with the headphones out to my speakers, since the Rode TRRS won't work with the splitter
    3) maybe get a TRS Lav and use that in the headset port and the internal speakers would work?

    This should be so much easier than it is.

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    Why a lavalier and not just the standard set of earbuds with mic that came with the MBP? Airpods?

    Not sure what the use case is here, or budget. You generally don't want sound out of the speakers if you are trying to talk at the same time, e.g., in a conference/phone call/interactive vlog, etc.
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