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Thread: Just Starting and Have Questions

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    Quote Originally Posted by TalismanRich View Post
    One good thing about the newer RAM designs is that the power requirements have dropped. When DDR first came out, it ran at 2.5-3v. The DDR3 memory I put in my Asus is only 1.35v, and the new DDR4 stuff is running between 1 and 1.2v. Lower power means less heat and longer battery life. Its too bad that they aren't 1 for 1 replacements. Its like CPU sockets, they keep changing the pinout.

    I remember the days when I was buying 5.25" floppy drives and had to build a power supply with 12V 1.25A voltage rectifiers, one for each drive. I think the 40MB SCSI drive took 3A on the 12 and 5V lines. I would buy linear power supply boards at the surplus electronics store.
    Hah! I remember a series of letters in Wireless World. Some lab had put 10 seconds of audio on a floppy disc and it was suggested that "one day we might have solid state sound storage". The next month a very serious letter stated "Not possible, it would be as big as a house and require Battersea power station to power it".


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    Quote Originally Posted by WurWulf View Post
    I think I also want to check out the Presonus Studio One 5 artist one of the guys use it and told me he was impressed at the ease of operation. He bought the Presonus 2 in 2 out
    That's what I did. It's a good deal and a fine DAW.
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