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Thread: Improving my set up (Streaming)

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    Improving my set up (Streaming)

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    This one is a doozey, but i'm hope someone can help/advice.

    TL.DR: I'm looking for a USB (or firewire) Audio Interface that allows up to 8 inputs, at the moment they are 3.5mm Lav mics or shotgun mics, but im not against using adapters if necessary. Is there an interface that allows USB inputs as well?

    My set up is for live streaming. I have available to me a Laptop, with three USB3 inputs, 1 USB2, 1 Firewire, and 1 3.5mm input.
    Equipment I have is several External USB hubs with external power, x2 Blue Yeti Microphones, x8 wired Lav microphones, x3 3.5mm shotgun microphones.

    We're streaming through OBS, and all inputs are into OBS directly. Our big issue is is large amounts of echo or feedback coming from unknown sources.
    The Yeti's have done the best job so far, in capturing the majority of the audio in the studio space, however at times they decide to echo like a b***
    Second best but inconsistently, the Lav mics have been tested to work without echo, but when we're about to start streaming, we will pick up a pretty bad feedback, that we usually can't trace quickly enough, so we swap back to the echoey Yeti's for the stream. The shotgun mics, have also given us both feedback issues and echo issues.

    I can dive deeper into each situation if needed. But im essentially trying to capture 6-8 people's worth of voices, clearly and stream it live.


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    Both the Zoom R16 and the R24 each have 8 inputs and are both USB audio interfaces and recorders. I have the R16. It has phantom +48 on two channels as well. The pres are excellent. It also works as a control surface which is an excellent plus for me! The drivers work great. I have no latency issues at all and my DAW (Reaper) works perfectly with it. I mention the Zooms because I think you can get a used one (or even a new one) for less than it might cost you for a Tascam or other AI with 8 inputs. The Zooms are also both portable recorders which can come in handy.
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