Hello folks,

Ive recently bought the newest Ipad. Although I initially intended to use it only for studying purposes, Ive fiddled around with some of the many synth apps available and thus became completely enamored with the Animoog.

As such, I now want to integrate the Animoog into my already existing home studio. However, the single output on the Ipad seems to be a big roadblock.

Heres how my studio looks so far: I have a Peak (Novation Peak Synthesizer) and a Boog, (Behringer Model d) whose audio is routed into a Focusrite Saffire Pro 40, which is connected via ADAT to my primary interface, an Apollo twin (which I use for microphone recordings). This is further connected to my DAW via USB.

Further, Ive connected the midi-through of the Peak to the midi-in of the saffire and the midi-in of the peak to an external midi-keyboard. This way, using different or equal midi-channels, I can choose to play them seperately or simultaneously. From this, I want to make more or less obvious how I wish to use the Animoog:

1) Have the audio of the Ipad be somehow routed into the interface, so that I can hear the Animoog alongside my already existing synths, and pre-recorded audio on the DAW.

2) Have the possibility to control the Animoog via my external midi-keyboard (a keystep), so that I may choose to play it both seperately and simultaneously with my other synths.

Buying additional gear for theses purposes is an option (and seems to be inevitable), though one Id like to keep as cost-effective as possible.

Thanks in advance