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Thread: home studio recording making dj mixed cd's

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    home studio recording making dj mixed cd's

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    I am looking to record dj mixed cd's as I have been DJ'ing for a long time. I have questions regarding getting the loudest/most dynamic recording that I can get so that when I master the mix, the mixed cd will sound like the professional studio mixed cd's.

    Here is my equipment:
    3 technics 1200's
    3 x ortofon nightclub S
    Allen Heath xone 92
    Event PS8 studio monitors
    BBE 882i sonic maximizer
    ECHO MIA 24-bit/96khz soundcard
    Mogami wiring (all balanced)

    I am wondering if my recorded mixes will benefit from a compressor/limiter outboard unit.

    I will probably be connecting the compressor/limiter like this:
    TT's -> mixer -> compressor/limiter -> BBE 882 -> soundcard

    If that configuration is not optimal, please let me know.

    So as I am unable to purchase an expensive compressor/limitor unit, I have been looking at the dbx 166xl and the dbx 160a.

    If there is a comparable compressor/limiter outboard unit for the 200$ to 400$ price range, please let me know. I want to get the most for my money.

    I want to do all the signal processing prior to the recording and only use my computer to mainly record and do minor adjustments. I would rather not use the plug-ins too much.

    So ... my question is how good is this dbx 166xl or dbx 160a? which one is better for my needs?

    I am just trying to get a louder recording with some bass enhancements.

    I know that I might benfit more from getting a better A/D convertor, but my question will still remain as how much will i benefit from getting the outboard compressor/limiter unit?

    I am only recording mixes from vinyl.

    will i be able to achieve mix cd's that sound good?

    what do you guys think of the dbx 166xl or dbx 160a units?

    I know that FMR make that RNC 1337 compressor for 200$, but it does not have the limiter function which I think I will need to get a louder overall sound after the compression is done.

    Anyways... any thoughts would be appreciated.

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    Hey. I have been recording my DJ mixes in a very similar fashion for a while now. Here's my set up.

    2 technics MK3's ,DJM600 mixer
    DBX 266 xl compressor
    aphex 204 aural exciter
    Pro Tools Digi 002R

    I have been achieving very good results using this set up as opposed to just recording directly from Mixer to Sound card. However. You will deffinetly have to do some fine tuning on the compressor and aural exciter to get the results you are looking for. The 166xl compressor is more expensive than the 266xl. I wouldnt waste the money the 266xl does a great job. Although ,after fine tunning the set up, you will get a solid rich signal into the Sound card. You will definetly want to do the following once its on your hard drive.

    1) remove clicks and pops with the click fix plugin. its the best hands down. You have to have cool edit pro or Adobe audition to run that plug in.. But its absoloute gold.

    2) a noise removal plug in. (a must) I recommend the Waves restoration Bundle. x-noise or Sound soap by BIAS.

    3)A good software EQ plugin. or one built into the software you are using. I always need to make minor EQ adjustments.

    4) Probably the most important step. either the Final Plug, plug in from Wave Arts or the L2 plugin from waves. This is the step that is going to give you that loud smooth even sound you want. Its a must. I like both plugins but I believe that the Final Plug is the Best. and its the Cheapest if you have to buy a plug in.

    I am by no means as experienced as many who post in this forum, However ive been recording DJ sets for a while and ive got a pretty good method , at least I think.

    Alot of people will tell you not to process the signal during recording, which I understand, but Ive been able to get a really rich, bright, warm sound doing so. Just dont Over process the signal. Also take a look at the APHEX 204, its really nice and sells for about $199 new.

    Anyhow, I hope this was helpfull.


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