I'm about to purchase the Opcode SonicPort, which allows me to connect digital (and analog) sources to my laptop through the USB port. Opcode makes two versions of this product, the regular version with 2 channel RCA coaxial S/PDIF input and output, and the SonicPort Optical version, which has 2 channel Toslink S/PDIF.

I haven't yet purchased a MiniDisc machine, which I wish to input to my computer. It seems as though I need still another adapter between the MiniDisc machines (they all have the same digital audio miniplug input and output) and the SonicPort. I'll very much appreciate if someone could describe to me these different digital connections, which version of the SonicPort I need, and what I need to get my digital audio from the MiniDisc to the computer.

I need to make my purchase straightaway as well -- so quick responses would be welcome! Many thanks in advance.