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Thread: Hardware recommendations for Newbie...

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    Hey all,

    I'm new to the forums. This is my situation. I want to get started on recording my music recording at least two instruments at a time guitar + vocals. Anything beyond that I'm not worried about. I will just lay down tracks to add electric guitar, bass, piano, etc... Drums will usually be prerecorded or syntheseized elsewhere. There is a strong possibilty that I'll be using this audio interface over multiple platforms Mac/PC. I did a little homework and came up with the following:

    M-Audio Omnistudio (Delta 66 w/ Omnistudio box)

    Firewire Interfaces
    M-Audio Firewire 410
    Echo Audio 3G

    Both firewire devices are in the $400 or less range, the ominstudio is $200. So if you were recording at least 2 simultaneous inputs at the same time, which would you choose?

    If I were to go with the PCI-based card would my ability to expand be better in terms of simultaenous recording, adding a mixer, pres, etc.... If the advantages of the PCI card in these terms greatly outweigh the mobile units I will glady go with this option, especially to spend money on good mics and new gear.

    Thanks all!


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    The omnistudio will give you 4-track analog recording, although you'll need another couple of preamps or a mixer if you want to record 4 mics.

    You can also hook up a 2nd delta 66 and sync it via s/pdif to get 8 inputs.

    PCI gets you more bang for the buck. The only time to consider Firewire is when you absolutely need the portability

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