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Thread: Graphic and sound card

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    Graphic and sound card

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    I`m thinking of upgrading my equipment and have two question:

    1. When buying a ned daw, does graphic card mean diddley..? Just go for the lowest 1GB card..?

    2. are there any practical difference on say a roland duo capture ex vs focusrite 2i2 or for that matter any other respectable outboard sound card in that price range... ?



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    As a completely general rule, I wouldn't get "the lowest" of anything. For graphics cards (if I ever used one - still getting by on integrated graphics - so, graphics is not a big drain with DAWs). Still, I'd probably bump it up to 2GB at least, maybe 4, but keep an eye on power consumption and read reviews. 4k capability would be on my requirements list, and you need memory for that. But, those fans will add noise, though, so I hope you can stick that thing in a closet.

    My personal opinion is that audio interfaces are mostly commodities in the sub $500 range (give or take), so pricing differences are going to reflect minor variations in capabilities (headphone ports, case material, etc.) and after that, support and marketing $. Stick with brands that show good support for your OS and a healthy/active community of users, especially where you find of search results (with positive outcomes!) for your planned DAW and OS.
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