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Thread: FL Studio 20 and Windows 10

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    FL Studio 20 and Windows 10

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    When installing FL Studio, I see that a sub folder for the VSTs should have been created (C:/Program Files/xxx/xxx/vst). I'm still not incredibly savy with Windows 10, but it seems that they have made it difficult to access those sub folders. I have 3rd party plugins that I want to use, but need access to those folders.

    Can anyone tell me how to access them?

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    You need to have administrative access to write to those folders.

    If it's your own computer, you probably entered an admin password when you first set it up. You'll have to enter it again whenever you modify folders in there.

    Alternatively, there should be a second location that it checks for VSTs. I don't know what it is for FL, but it's probably something like c:\Users\YOURNAME\AppData\Roaming\...

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