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Thread: Drive letter change ?

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    Drive letter change ?

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    I rebuilt my system and contains 4 drives...dual boot of XP
    Disk Manager assigned as follows:

    Primary boot {G:}
    Second Partition {C:}
    2nd HD-Audio drive {D:}
    CD {E:}
    CDRW {F:}

    Disk Manager allows for drive letter change, so before I did it, I wanted to make sure it wouldn't create a problem with the 2 OS's.
    I would like to see
    Primary as C:
    Second Partition as D:
    Audio drive as G:

    Currently Primary boot is a logical drive and all others are primary partitions.....probably should have set it up the way I would like in initial setup...but Im no Windows Pro

    Any problems with changes these letters around ??

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    In the Control Panel, select Administrative Tools -> Computer Management.

    Click on Disk Management and wait till the Logical Disk Manager Service finishes scanning your system's drives. You will then see a list of the drives available in your system.

    Now, click on the drive with the drive letter you want to change. Then, right click and select the Change Drive Letter and Path... option.

    All drive letters linked to that drive will be listed on that screen.
    Now, click on the drive letter you want to change and click on Edit.

    Click on the drive letter and a whole list of available drive letter choices will now appear. Select the drive letter you want for this drive. Click OK and that's all, your drive will have a new drive letter!

    Here are some sites to check out.

    Warning: Sometimes this message can occurs when you click on OK :

    This message is a warning in case of you have programs on your G: drive that can use an hard-coded path like "G:\my path\my folder\myprogram.exe". If it's not the case, like a CD-ROM drive for example, just click "Yes". But if your G: drive is an hard-disk with program installed on it, it will be maybe necessary to reinstall the applications if they doesn't work after the drive letter change.

    You will not be able to change the drive letter of your system or boot volume. However, the drive letters of all other drives and drive volumes are changeable.

    If you want to change the drive letter of a CD/DVD-ROM or ZIP drive, make sure you insert a disk first. The drive letter cannot be changed unless there's a disk in the drive.

    Hope this helps

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