I am trying to record my "non electric" acoutsic guitar to my soft sequencer (Audio Logic Platinum). I want to use a "direct in" approach using my Delta Omni I/O Audio Interface. Now the problem is that I can't do a direct in without a pickup. I also wanted to mike the guitar with my Audio Technica 4033 Condens. Mike. I would run the Mike to one track and the pickup to the other track. This way I will get the clear deffinition that comes from the Dean Markley snap in pickup, but still get the rhythm and "room ambience" effect of mikeing the guitar with the AT 4033. Now I have not bought the Dean Markley yet. Does anyone know if I will have a problem with the magnet in the Dean Markley Pickup fucking with the cond. Mike? They will literally be more or less 6 inches away from each other as I record, and I know that a Dean Markley will feed back and pull all kinds of "weird shit" under normal cercumstances, much less this.

Has anyone ever tried it?

Will it work?

And will I have a problem with the combination of the Dean Markley magnet and the AT 4033?

Thanks a Million Guys,

P.S. I am going to post this same question in the "Recording Techniques" section since I don't know exactly where to file this question since it is a recording technique but it is based on a computer? So disregard it if you see this question again. Thanks