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Thread: A/D Converter High Res No high pass

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chili View Post
    Heh, my brother used to work for Lavry. He was the only employee not related by blood.
    So did you get any Lavry converters out of that connection?

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    I did. I got a DA10 and an AD10. I had them for quite a few years but eventually sold them to the bass player for the Hoosiers.

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    Just an update here... I'd like to point out.... I got a DSI prophet REV2 and I made the blues track on Audacity and hacked the codec and used 786khz audio. It is by no means perfect and made a lot of mistakes, but for scientific purposes....

    So I am unable to encode 768khz FLAC files..... I guess FLAC doesn't go that high. I compressed it to 384khz FLAC and then encoded it to 96khz VORBIS:

    ;but I did encode 768khz 32bit WAV and I will say it is highly noticeable the difference in how smooth the poly sounds in 768khz WAV v. 384khz FLAC.

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