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Thread: Crackle crackle pop pop

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    Quote Originally Posted by dhd View Post

    I realize my question is off topic from the first post of this thread, but was wondering how you like your Scarlett 8i6 so far and why you chose it over all the other audio interfaces out there ?
    I've been looking at the 8i6 and the Motu M4 and a little unsure which one to go with.
    My current audio interface is an old M-audio Delta 66 which still works fine in my Win 7 computer but there is no driver for Win 10.
    I'm replacing my Win7 computer with a Win 10 computer and will need an audio interface for it.
    The 8i6 comes with F'rite's well respected (if complex!) MixControl routing software but does not, AFAIK have quite the low latency of the Motu? You now have two great interfaces from SSL to confound the decision!

    Feck it all chap! You are likely to be holed up for the next six weeks or so. Go nuts and get RME. They have a NEW Babyface out now.


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    Mixing down my first full-out production (tracks were recorded with the old Tascam, on the old computer), the Focusrite combined with my new room seems to deliver a very crisp tight sound. (even with no ceiling cloud), I seem to have trapped the corners well, and a moving blanket on the back wall (over sliding wood closet doors) seems to help, too.
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