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Thread: Crackle crackle pop pop

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    IMO...those system restores are not as accurate (or safe) as one would expect.
    UP to Win XP, you had more control over creating system snapshots, and then you could pick which to resort up to several going back in time.
    With 7 and are at the complete mercy of the system and what it wants to save or restore.

    My preference is to create Ghost images a couple of times a year...and in-between, I keep a record of anything new I might install, which these days is only new plugins, and that's not all that many per year anymore, as I have more than I need already.
    So if the system craps, I would use the last image, and then just manually reinstall the stuff I added after doing the image.

    Back in the day, I would wipe the HDs and manually reinstall the OS and everything else, but that was a lot of work. With the Ghost images, I stopped doing that, though IMO, a true fresh installation of everything was the only way I knew everything was installed correctly.
    System restore, the few times I've used it, always seemed to be "partial" some stuff would restore, some things would be missing or not be the correct version...etc...and doing it enough times, you end up with corrupt system that exhibits weird behavior.

    Since you've gone this deep...maybe you might do a clean, fresh installation of everything.
    Is this just your dedicated DAW computer...or like your "everything" computer?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mjbphotos View Post
    So I boot up the computer this morning to process a video - I use an old Roxio Creator that still runs on Win 7 (with occasional crashes). Roxio would not boot up today - after all the updates. Said 'F it' and did a system restore, then computer would not restart. Cold rebooting now.
    Maybe HD dying?
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    What's a "cold reboot" Mike? Re creating an image? I have just done this for my new Lenovo T510 and ran into a snag at first.

    Because the laptop has only a small,160G SSD I also bought a 1Tb USB 3.0 drive to dump stuff onto (I have also backed up most of the thumb drives I have acquired over the years) About a week ago I decided to make an image of the C drive.

    "Cannot proceed. Drive formatted to exFAT" So I was stuffed. I had 103G of data already saved on the USB drive and formatting it to NTFS would of course delete it all.

    Long S short. There is NO downside to having such a drive formatted NTFS if you are a sole Windows user, exFAT is universal. Fairy nuff but a heads up when you first connect the drive would be nice!

    I have now moved the data off to the HDD on my old HP (over 2 freakin' hours!) Formatted it on the T510 and made the image. I have also created a System Repair DVD.

    (btw Mike? I suspect this whole venture is to convince 'er indoors that you MUST get a new computer!)


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    If you create a clone from something like Acronis, it is really straight forward. If you use Clonezilla, while a very capable cloning program, doesn't allow (or at least it didn't) to clone from different size disks. Acronis and some of the other commercial software does.

    I have used Acronis when my drives were failing. Random boot issues, blue screens and Windows always repairing when running chkdsk are good (or bad) signs. I simple plugged in my new drive, did source->target to the new drive and I was done. If it is a laptop, get a USB disk drive adapter, do the same thing and replace. For Acronis it was built to allow for going from smaller to larger drive. If it is larger to smaller, if the old data will fit to the smaller drive it will allow.
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    Dave - 'cold reboot' is shutting off the computer by holding in the power button until it unfreezes and shuts down, then re-starting (but not in 'safe mode). It eventually restarted yesterday. Before I go any further, I'm backing up my files, been a few months (but haven't recorded much).

    On 'System Restore' - its easy to create new restore points (manually), but if there is a Win update, Windows will create a new restore point - and many times delete all the previous ones.

    Anyway, new computer is on its way. I went for the 256G SSD, figuring its the best bet for a quiet computer. I held onto the old HP so long for recording because it was so quiet - only processing HD videos ever kicked the fans into high gear.

    Afternoon update
    Tried to edit a video using Serif software as the old Roxio won't load at all now. Could not move or delete the video file - Windows Explorer kept crashing. Started it in Safe Mode, deleted the file, copied the Explorer EXE file into the Systems 32 folder, restarted, seems to work now.
    Tried LatencyMon, its says the system is ok for audio. Nope, opened older Reaper files, the crackling is still there during playback. Guess I should try installing the Focusrite on this computer to check IT.

    Other interesting thing - I am unable to select the Focusrite in the Windows audio system to use as the default audio, it doesn't find the device when I try it, yet it comes up in Reaper's options fine.

    Ok, the Focusrite works fine on my other computer (this one). No crackling on playback.
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