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Thread: Can't change Shared Folder in Sonar

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    Quote Originally Posted by revnice1 View Post
    Yes, I have the drive letter set to X:\ and I can't see circumstances where it would get changed, I only have 17 USB ports. In the past, a Sonar support person would point me to the right reference in the reg and I'd be off and running again but even the old forum has gone.

    I have another computer, it's only got 4 gig of RAM but as I mentioned, I won't be working in Sonar, just getting the MIDI and audio tracks out of unfinished songs. It will be slow and there are a lot of tracks but each time I recover one, I'll be done with it.
    No, the additional system partitions which are causing D/E/F to be permanently reserved; is it possible to manually mount those, or at least one of those, as x/y/z, permanently freeing up F for your use?
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    My 2 cents: I wish foreign manufacturers would give their English manual to an English speaking person.

    >more 'raw' noobs are coming in with really basic questions
    And the 15 ways to fix it were written by monkeys with typewriters. Reboot, update your drivers, try a different port!? You look for an answer AFTER you've done the obvious things.

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