Well I finally jumped into the digital mixer / interface world with the XR18 and since I was in the water and it was warm I picked up a big old 2011 27" imac and threw a bunch of memory into it to get going.

Originally I was really thinking this was just going to be used as a interface for inserting tracks into Reaper but I am quickly coming to realize I have a VERY powerful VERY nice sounding mixer on my hands and this may very well be heading out to gigs in the future.

Still very much a newb and getting this thing to work but I have been able to lay down a few tracks so I am over the big humps now it's trying to learn ( and remember what I learned ugh!) how to get around and make things happen...I love the built in effects and the routing ...let's just say between Reaper and this beast I will never reach the end of the rope of possibilities.

Nit picks.... it seems to get overly hot which concerns me cause heat is bad....The built in wifi ( based upon 2 years of other users complaints ) is something I won't even bother trying to use.
on the user support there are tons of videos out there by Behringer and XR18 X32 users that help...problem is there is always more than one road to Rome so one guy says do this, this and this and another says just do this...and sometimes what one guy tells you is A LOT more complex way of doing it than what another does...

I've had some issues figuring out how to do stuff but I have to admit there sure are a lot of people out there supporting this product and tutoring.

Just thought I'd post here and hopefully other XR18 users will post and share their experiences and opinions on this what I believe to be a very nice piece of audio mixing and recording gear.