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Thread: Bandlab DAW

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    Bandlab DAW

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    After a recording break of 10 years I'm ditching my old korg D1200 and starting to use a DAW interface. I've started using the bandlab DAW but have been advised that cakewalk by bandlab is the better option. How basic will the bandlab DAW be compared to previously working on the D1200? Is it just for demos rather than high quality recordings? I'm slightly intimidated by the learning curve of a complex DAW like Cakewalk but obviously want the best for the songs. I'm a one man band utilising a drum machine


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    Any DAW will require a learning curve.

    Just about any DAW will meet your recording requirements.

    The learning curve of some DAWs will be easier to master than others if their programming happens to match your way of working.

    I was never very comfortable with Cakewalk, Cubase or Logic in the early days of recording, but I am very comfortable with Reaper.

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