Hi all! New member here. Hoping you can help me solve a problem I have been hitting my head against.

I currently own an Axe I/O for use with my guitar (Line 1) and mic (Line 2). I use the amp out (Out 5/6) on the Axe I/O to route to a Singular Sound Aeros Loop Pedal. The looper has an aux out that runs to a Rolls MX51S which mixes my PC Audio as well. PC Audio is from an Optical out on motherboard to a SMSL Sd-793ii then to the Rolls MX51S. The Rolls then outputs to my Home Theater (sometimes I share my computer audio throughout the apartment). Attached is a visual representation of my setup.

I love this setup for my own personal studio but I would love to
Route my guitar (w/ looper) and mic to applications like Discord and Zoom. Looping vocals is not a requirement but could be nice!
Consolidate interfaces and gear (Not required but a nice to have)

From my own research, it looks like I might be able to do this with the RME Babyface Pro FS but I am not too sure and I don't know if there is an easier way I can accomplish my goal of having a DAW (Reaper) with guitar+VST effects+loop pedal and mic inputs that outputs to a device I can assign as input in Discord, Skype, Zoom, etc. Can anyone provide more detail around how I can achieve my goal using a Babyface Pro FS or any other gear? Happy for any and all recommendations! Note: Ideally, this can all be done without recording the resulting audible output via a physical amp+mic... I am in an apartment and the goal is to do all of the above where the only audible output is to my headphones.

Thank you so much in advance! Seriously, I have been attempting to use VoiceMeter Banana/Potato but the quality / latency is never satisfactory.